Whether you need a venue to host a single, small scale training session, or you are a training entity looking for a flexible venue to regularly base courses, then the Sarit Expo Centre offers the facility for you. From corporate induction events, to CPD, or upskilling your workforce, we are on hand with an impressive array of rooms for hire - whether you need them for a matter of hours or consecutive days.

With bright, airy, excellently equipped rooms and comfortable surroundings, the training space at the Sarit Expo Centre presents the right mix of energy and professionalism to provide a successful training environment. Nestled in the heart of Sarit Mall and built purposely to hold conferences, events, meetings and training sessions, the Sarit Expo Centre is designed specifically with learning and development in mind. All of our 4 rooms have the latest AV technology, bold colour themes, temperature control, and comfortable furniture to ensure that everyone's mind is focused on the learning at hand.

Even more, our ultra modern training space is flexible enough to accommodate from just two delegates up to 150 for conferences, more than 200 for exhibitions and up to 300 for formal dining and lunches. Our rooms can therefore be used for one-on-one training, or a full scale professional event for hundreds while meeting your every need.

For exclusive offers of our rooms, talk to us today through:

E-mail: events@saritexpo.com

Tel: +254 720 7762310