Sarit Expo Centre is welcoming back small events and meetings, in-person, in a very safe space, and with full support of our team.

We have been working together with health authorities, and the MICE industry experts to establish a safe venue while putting in place health and safety standards, systems and practices and we can comfortably say that we have become experts in hosting safe meetings and events.

Safe practice

Our team has set out principles and practices to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all visitors at the Sarit Expo Centre.

Some of the measures we have in place at our venue include:

  • Restricting entry: the facility allows for registered and identified guests to walk in; and not open to the public. On the same note we have multiples doors that are used for entry and exist.
  • Entry screening and sanitising: Upon entry, all guests have their temperatures screened and mandatory sanitisation of hands.
  • Signage: we have signage throughout the venue to remind people to maintain social distancing, mandatory wearing of masks, and sanitising of hands.
  • Training: our team has been properly trained on safety protocols.

At Sarit Expo Centre, we totally understand how stressful it can be in organising an event especially at the moment with several protocols in place. However, our team is ready and dedicated to help you in your next in person meeting.

Book our space and enjoy safe meetings and events!