We are excited to announce our new conference packages now available at the Sarit Expo Centre, designed to make your event planning seamless and stress-free. Our packages offer a range of catering options to suit your needs, including Morning/Tea Only (Bronze), Morning/Afternoon Tea and Lunch (Silver), and Morning, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea (Gold). With these comprehensive packages, you can focus entirely on planning your training sessions, workshops, or seminars, without the hassle of sourcing for caterers.

Each of our packages is thoughtfully curated to ensure that all your catering needs are met, allowing you to deliver a successful and productive event. The Bronze package provides morning tea to start your day right, while the Silver package includes both morning and afternoon tea along with a delightful lunch. For the most comprehensive service, our Gold package covers all your needs with morning tea, a delicious lunch, and afternoon tea. Let us handle the catering, so you have more time to concentrate on what truly matters – the success of your event.

Book yours today: meetingrooms@saritexpo.com