Launching GoldPesa: An Advanced Form of Money

A very unique token in Crypto-space which is:

a) Fully backed by Real & Physical Gold

b) It has an inbuilt yield in it

This has never been done before.

The Goldpesa Convention will provide each participant with three things

1) A fun Introduction to Cryptocurrency

2) A unique opportunity with Goldpesa

3) How one can partcipate in Goldpesa

Cryptocurrency is a bit like marmite: Most people either hate it or love it. The rest of the people just dont understand it. Education on how cryptocurrency works is the first step in this journey. The second step is really identifying opportunities with the space, which separates projects with no inner value, to really smart projects which make phenomenal returns. Goldpesa was created by some of the smartest people in the Tech space. We are talking about ultra smart computer science engineers and coders. Their aim was simple: Bitcoin and other strong cryptocurrencies are great but very volatile. And stable coins are like money in a bank that looses value due to inflation. The question now is: Is there something which is stable and yet grows steadily, month on month. Welcome to Goldpesa: Goldpesa is backed by real Gold, yet having a yield in it.

Please come and join us on the Saturday of June and the Gold Pesa convention at the Sarit centre. There will also be lots of other fun things to do, interesting people to meet, and prizes to win.

Registration link: